Top 5 Best family SUVs of 2021

  1. Jaguar F-Pace

It’s Jaguar’s first SUV, insane with great control and an abundance of cabin space and it appears to have propelled it to the top of the Jag lineup until it was overtaken by the smaller E-Pace.

There is a part or two that detracts slightly from the overall driving experience, among them are a few unremarkable four-cylinder diesel engines, an indecisive automatic transmission, and a jittery and slightly noisy driving on some specs. There is room for improvement in the steering system as well. But the F-Pace is still a car with excellent handling and a commendable feat for Jaguar. The F-Pace SVR is also the fastest of the absolute riots and is the perfect example of a brilliantly executed SUV.

The F-Pace was redesigned in late 2020, and new models are due to arrive soon, including a new hybrid engine and we’ll let you know what it is as soon as we get it.

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