Top 5 Best family SUVs of 2021

  1. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Discovery Sport may be the entry-level Land Rover in its showroom lineup but it is not without distinct Land Rover features, comfort, or charm.

Discovery Sport has been updated for 2019 and is now on the same PTA platform as the Range Rover Evoque but it hasn’t lost any of the features we originally liked. It’s still more manageable than many of its competitors offer, better visibility and better four-wheel drive capabilities than others, and looks more like a traditional SUV than others, while still handling great. It has a functional interior, a huge plus in the segment, and has now received a much-needed boost in its premium appeal.

Gasoline and diesel engines are now complemented with a mild 48-volt hybrid engineering to improve fuel economy, and an additional premium hybrid version of the P300e is also available. If you want a family SUV that has more off-road durability than the class average, Discovery Sport provides it with very few compromises associated with it.

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